5 seconds UV Active glue, Woopower liquid crystal sun …



Comprar 5 seconds UV Active glue, Woopower liquid crystal sun …

1. Due to the lighting effects, monitor brightness, contrast settings, etc., there may be some slight differences between the color of the images and that of the actual item.
2. Wear safety glasses and rubber gloves.
3. Never look directly at UV light. May cause eye damage.
4. Do not use ultraviolet light for more than 10 seconds at each use.
5. Dispose of liquid material safely. Do not pour it into sewers or rivers.
6. The product can be cleaned from the skin or eyes of the uncured material.
7. Do not clean the tip of the repair pen in 5 seconds with liquid cleaners, or expose the tip to other liquids.
8. Do not allow wet clothes with material to be in contact with the skin.
9. Do not eat, drink or smoke while handling the product.
10. Do not allow wash water or process equipment to enter drains.
11. Remove the battery protector before use.
12. Turn it off when not in use.
13. Replace the product completely when the liquid soldering iron or battery power runs out.
Battery: 2 CR1620 3V batteries (included).
Package includes:
1 repair pen.Flexible, it can be sanded and painted.
It dries transparent so you can fix most things. It is not glue. Superpotent liquid plastic welding compound.
Fast and strong. Create a perpetual union in just 5 seconds.
It only dries with UV light so you can place it again and again while doing a repair.
Permanently repair plastic, metal, wood, glass, aluminum, elastic, fiberglass, vinyl, leather and much more.
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