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Name: bathing platform
Size: visual details
Material: stainless steel sheet.
Weight: about 242g to approximately 690g single bilayer
Style: color attribute page as shelf shown, optional bathroom, double design, stainless steel plating, drainage and ventilation, is filled with plastic, which can be used in the kitchen.1. The outer corner of the arch has no edges and corners, and will not give in to the surface of the hand, and feels comfortable.
2. The whole screen structure adopts chrome steel wire, which leaves no stains and is easy to clean.
3. The open structure is easy to take and place. It seems very easy to see the articles ..
4. Multi-functional racks, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, several scenes can be matched, put a variety of bottles or small well-ordered objects, easy to take.
5. * Please check the actual size of different measurement methods and tools ….
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