N /A WWCEEM Piscinas para Patio Trasero Adecuado para niños …




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【Reason for selection】 :You can hold a water party at home without going out! You can play on the water with the children! You can enjoy the summer coolness with your family! Importantly, this is a private pool that belongs only to the family, clean and comfortable!Too much……
【Heart-warming service】:I can explain all your questions and provide you with more suggestions; I just hope that every shopping experience you have is very pleasant and satisfying
【Float automatically, easy storage】:First fill the top ring with air, and continue to inject water,and 80% water can automatically float up;when not in use, it can be easily folded, placed in the closet, under the bed, under the table, etc. Lightweight and portable
【Wear-resistan,Solid support】: The large family swimming pool is made of three-layer PVC mesh material with high strength and long-lasting durability ; Designed with trapezoidal and triangular principles, stable support
【Air Leak-proof Valve, Quick drainage】: Airbag of the Integrated Pools has an upgraded version of the anti-leak valve, which has high sealing performance ;The outdoor swimming pool has two filter ports and one drain port, both of which can be connected to an external pipe to quickly drain or filter the water in the pool
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