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Use: Applicable enamel on tiles, tiles, slats … Do not apply on floors, shower trays, bathtubs, sinks / sinks and countertops. Properties: 2 in 1 without PRINTING. Perfect smooth finish. Resists repeated water projections. Resists chemical products: shampoo, body wash, cleaning products, anit-lime products, bleach … Does not crack – High strength of enamel subject to temperature changes: cold water, hot water … Prevents the appearance of mold Washable. Water enamel Yield: 1 L = +/- 13m2 per layer. Drying Between Layers: 24 h. Complete drying: 72 h. Tools: Brush or roller. Cleaning of the utensils: Water. Preparation: ON TILES, TILE LISTS AND GLASS BLOCKS: Clean with soap, rinse with clean water and let dry. Cleaning is an essential step. It should be carried out with a detergent with alkaline sodium. Insist well on the joints of the tiles with an abrasive sponge or brush. Application: It is ESSENTIAL to add the mono dose present inside the enamel can to start painting. 1. Fully pour the contents of the mono dose into the pot. Mix and apply. 2. Distribute the enamel on the roller and apply it from top to bottom. 3. Next, paint from left to right. 4. Finish painting from top to bottom for a perfect result. To obtain the optimum finish and resistance of this product it is necessary to apply two layers. The mixture must be used in less than 10 days. Beyond this period, adhesion and performance will decrease. Tips: For the dyed, dark or porous supports a complementary layer may be necessary. Formats Appearance Colors: 750 ml – 2 L Satin Appearance Paints
Kitchen and Bath Renovation
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