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Oil to hydrate and protect the wood, replacing lost nutrients and providing lasting beauty and protection. Features Recommended use for hard and exotic woods, such as teak. Ideal for garden furniture, hammocks, planks, etc. Water product with natural oils. Water and UV resistant. Quick drying and no smell. Good penetration power in the support. Matte finish. Technical data Yield: 14m2 / L (with one layer) Dry to the touch: 2 h. Repainting: 4 h. Tool cleaning: Water. How to use The wood must be dry and clean of dust, grease and wax. Remove old layers of paints or varnishes, pickling or sanding, to facilitate penetration into the support. It is recommended to previously protect new or clean wood against fungi and rot with a product from the Xylamon range, such as the Xylamon Fund. Do not dilute Product ready to use. Shake the product well before and during use. It can be applied by brush, roller or gun. On new wood: Apply one or two layers following the wood grain and let dry a minimum of 4 hours between layers. On previously treated wood: Completely remove gray wood, sanding it until a clean surface is obtained, and proceed as in new wood. In varnished or painted wood with another incompatible treatment, any previous paint / varnish layer should be removed by chemical stripping or sanding before applying Teak Oil.
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