Promade – Water-based stain for wood 500 ml (Red)



Comprar Promade – Water-based stain for wood 500 ml (Red)

Water coloring to dye wood and other porous surfaces with colors in wood tones, respecting the natural grain of the wood. Features: Colors can be mixed together to achieve multiple tones. It is easily applied. Good color stability before light after applying a finishing varnish. Wide range in wood tones and also in bright and modern colors. How to use: The surface must be clean, dry and unvarnished. It can be applied by brush, rag or gun. If the color is very strong, reduce with water. The color may vary depending on the type of wood on which it is applied. If a varnish is applied to the water as a finish, it is recommended to dry for at least 24 hours. to avoid the drag of the color. Highlight the natural wood grain.
High covering power.
Without smell. Not toxic.
The colors can be mixed with each other.
Easy to apply
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