Xylazel M58134 – Oxirite smooth gloss black 750 ml

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Metallic enamel OXIRITE LISO Black 750 ML. »Oxirite is an antioxidant enamel directly applied to iron or steel surfaces, whether new or oxidized, without using any previous primer. It provides excellent corrosion protection and an attractive smooth, glossy, satin, hammer, forge or metallic smooth finish. For interior or exterior. Features · Direct application on iron and steel, without primers or minium. It is effective even directly on oxidized surfaces, by simply removing loose oxide particles. · With Oxirite work times are extraordinarily fast. Successive layers can already be applied after 1 hour (15 minutes for the Spray format) so that jobs that take much longer with conventional paints can be carried out in a single day. · Using Oxirite means significant savings in time and labor. · The aesthetic result is excellent, with a thick and shiny layer appearance, in smooth and martelé. · Oxirite is very easy to apply. It is thixotropic and does not drip. Leveling and covering are excellent. · High hardness and resistance to shock and abrasion. · Lead free or chromates./l. dried in 1 hour. repainted in 8 hours.
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