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Product description
Xylazel Teak oil is a mixture of natural oils and resins, specially chosen to nourish and enrich the wood. Indicated for the maintenance of exotic and tropical woods, such as teak or iroko.

Efficacy of teak oil Xylazel
– The treated wood recovers its natural balance and its original qualities of brightness, texture and color.
– The drying tendency is corrected, recovering the natural oils that the wood loses over time.
– The tendency to crush on woods exposed to the sun is corrected.
– Wood is protected from stains and dust.

Characteristics of Xylazel teak oil
– Very nutrient. Mitigates the effects of aging, especially patents on bare woods exposed to the sun.
– The texture is silky and the tone soft and natural.
– The application is simple and excellent wood penetration.
– Maintenance is simple. It is not necessary to sand or strip, just clean the wood and directly apply a new layer of product.

Fields of application
It is used for the maintenance and renovation of wood and garden furniture, especially those of teak and exotic and tropical wood without varnishing.

With Xylazel Teak Oil you can paint between 7 and 10 m2 per liter and per hand depending on how the product absorbs the wood.

Surface Preparation
Before applying the product, remove stains, dust, varnishes and paints. To do this, wash with water and detergent, rinse thoroughly and let dry. If necessary, a varnish remover will be used to remove old paints and varnishes. On gray surfaces clean with xylazel Graywood cleaner.

Shake the container well. The application of teak oil is straightforward, directly on clean wood, without the need for capping. Wood treated for interior and exterior wood, nourishing and restoring its natural oils
Apply with brush, brush or cloth
Drying the surface under normal conditions: between three and four hours
Repainting: 30 minutes
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